I’ll carve myself a thin filet of time
To serve on a silver plate.
Silver to match the hue of my hair,
As I dine ‘till my hunger I sate.

If I wait ‘til tomorrow to feast
On sweet memories the past days have brought,
I might find that tomorrow’s too late to enjoy
The flavor of food when it’s hot.

Christmas Eve brought a phone call from Matthew,
What excitement I hear in his voice,
Following Santa by Norad’s space tracking,
Putting out carrots, they’re reindeer’s first choice.

Sean’s soft voice fades quickly away,
Anticipation is too much right now.
He knows Santa will come on this magical eve,
But it’s hard to imagine just how.

I’m nourished by time spent with Ryan
Alone in his video cave,
Watching him frolic with Holly,
Seizing moments and gifts that he gave.

Fine restaurants should serenade us,
As Hailey plays music so sweet.
Long brown hair glistens with bright streams of gold,
See her dance, watch her feet keep the beat.

Lauren, Elizabeth and Connor
Phone with glee in their voices to say
That Santa arrived at their house as well
Leaving toys and enchantment this day.

I can almost see Emily’s sewing machine
And the fabric she picked out with care,
Soon our sweet Georgia peach will adorn summer’s beach,
And show us new clothes that she’ll wear.

Pecans from Atlanta finish the feast,
As love passes through telephone lines,
E-mails galore draw us close as before,
Conversations much sweeter than wines.

The very best part of this grand gift of time -
Tasting memories that fill up my wishes,
I’ll blow out the candles, leave a tip for myself,
And I don’t have to do any dishes!