Today’s scripture, Isaiah 65:24 - 25


“Before they call I will answer,

While they are still speaking, I will hear.”

The wolf, the serpent and the lion

“Will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain.”

Today’s newspaper, front page:

In South Africa a black laborer was thrown over a fence into a lions’ den,

Driven there along his own “Via Dolorosa”,

Devoured quickly, mourned greatly.

Today’s service:

Praying to offer You our brokenness, that all may be made whole,

Passing the peace to friends and strangers,

We who are called by Christ’s name, we “Easter people”,

Bearing witness to the resurrection of your son,

The Prince of Peace, here among us,

Believing that there shall be peace on earth,

And on your holy mountain,

We call on you, Lord, to help us tame the wild wolves, serpents and lions

living around, among and in us.

Virginia Atkinson

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