Deep Freeze

Frosty days, freezing nights, numbing fingers and toes

Sea smoke seen decades ago,

Reappears o’er the ocean, to viewers’ delight,

The wind chill is 18 below.

Chickadees, tiny puffballs, line up for some seed,

Small snowbirds, red cardinals and more.

As they fluff up their feathers to hold in the heat,

We shiver to hear the wind roar.

Coyotes and deer freeze alone in our woods.

As chipmunks stay snug in their nests.

How will squirrels stay warm, how will rabbits find food?

Hawks and owls brace for winds from the west.

All of God’s creatures are at risk in these days,

Winter’s come to our snow covered shore.

Cedar trees bow their heads down close to the ground.

Will they spring back as tall as before?

Hear the forest trees crack as the wind roars along,

Will some fall in the night while we sleep?

While the trees scream their pain, they bend with the strain,

While their roots grab the ground, oh so deep.

Full “Wolf Moon” o’er the ocean this dark wintry eve,

Reflects a silver and shimmery light.

Travelers hurry home to their families and hearths,

‘Tis a time to be home in the night.

“Ten minutes to frostbite”, meteorologists say.

Walk outside and visit the stars.

It’s an adventure to briefly feel nature’s might.

Look up! The Rover’s just landed on Mars.

In the fire’s golden glow, fragrant candles are lit,

A hot meal, favorite book, a soft chair.

Let the wild winds go on, we’re all cozy till dawn

In New England, we’re used to such fare.

Virginia Atkinson

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License