If we could find that tiny, frozen part of us

Holding negative thoughts in its cold icy grip,

Self pity, prejudice, hatred of others

We don’t understand - the tip

Of the iceberg of fear, frigid and bitter, a cold glacial chill,

The flip side of loving, compassion, peace and good will.

Could we take a quartz heater, hair dryer, hot furnace to thaw

The piercing arctic cold we hold onto so tight,

Or try to melt all that fear with small doses of warmth,

As we learn of each other and have no need for fright.

Muslims and Buddists, Christians, Hindus and Jews,

All religions we claim to believe,

Let’s just each live our faiths as they’re taught to us now,

And wait for our icebergs to leave.


Virginia Atkinson


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License