JULY 5, 2005

How many souls left this good earth last night,

While we sang the Star Spangled Banner,

And each patriot dreamed, “God mend every flaw”,

For America’s the Beautiful, the proud and the best,

Our troops in Iraq have past every test

But the one to stay living while innocents die,

Mixing blood with the terrorists’

Dare I ask why?

Safe rainbows of fireworks o’er cities and towns,

Cascading their bright waterfalls,

Bonfires at beaches and not in the streets,

Children view spacious skies where freedom still rains

And don’t fear the thunder or shudder in pain,

“Rockets red glare” means look up in wonder

At the marvelous show, while the world falls asunder.

Invisible minstrels gather in alleyways,

Singing softly of winds bearing answers.

They huddle together away from the crowds,

Sing of flowers gone by, but not very loud,

They’re patriots too, those longing for peace

And wondering why we’re not in the streets

Begging for sanity, for bloodshed to cease.