JULY 7, 2005

Evil lives and moves among us with the face of a stranger,

We nod to each other, or stare straight ahead,

Both aware of the portent of danger.

London subways and streets are the target today

We stare at the carnage and can’t look away

From the lives that are lost, the wounded, the sorrow,

And we wonder where the stranger lurks,

Will it be here tomorrow?

Evil lives and moves among us, as good people bow their heads,

Christian and Muslim, Buddist and Jew

Remember 9/11, the horror and the dread.

It’s not enough in this world that we strive to find a way

To rid the earth of hunger, clean the air, the seas, the bays,

For to tsunamis and earthquakes, droughts and wild snows,

The forces of nature we can not control,

Add evil and pray for our souls.