Turn the world on its’ side,

Poles at the equator.

Stop it from spinning ,

Day / night no longer.

How dare the sun rise

And set in the West,

Stars follow at eventide,

For the moon’s in my chest,

Heavy, cold, pressing down

As breathing is labored,

How hard to breathe air

She no longer can savor.

A child has gone from us,

Her soul flew away

One Friday in March.

She just couldn’t stay

To dream her girl dreams,

Be a teen, or a bride,

Or a mother, old woman.

Missing all this, she died.

Forever she’s nine.

As our earth days fly by

Our hearts ache with sorrow,

Together we cry,

For the loss to our world

Of a child sweet and dear,

Loved by so many,

Mourned by those near.

She took at her passing

A small speck of wonder,

Leaving a void,

A whisper of thunder.

Just for a moment

Let birds pause their singing,

Then burst into anthems,

In thanks for her being.

For that very new angel,

Turn the earth back upright,

For the world that she knew

Filled her heart with delight.

Despite hospital stays

And hats on her head,

She still played as a child,

What more can be said

Of her own special bravery,

Those she met on the way

Remember her smile

As she gifted each day.

Celebrate her young life,

Comfort family and friends,

For her years here among us

Brought a joy that won’t end.

As day stars are blocked

By the sun from our view,

Her spirit remains.

Memories ever new

Will remind those who knew her

To live well each day.

Her life was a blessing

Death can’t take away.

Love never dies,

You will see her again,

God’s heaven is where,

Only He knows just when.