Come alive, all ye ghosts of the far distant past,

Come alive, look around you and see

Your descendants enjoying such marvelous toys

Such wonders this new century.

Refrigerator doors hold bright TV screens.

Now when would I stand there and look?

I suppose I could sit on the counter to see

Who was killed while the microwave cooked.

Wars’ work is now streamlined as jets fly above,

Carpet bombs, spy drones, - a hair raising sight,

M-16’s, Cobras, missiles (the Patriot’s dream)

And bright vision goggles to light up the night.

See our huge humvees roar through the streets

In Iraq ( our most recent of wars).

They may not be shielded, lacking armor to save

But, hey, when we fight there’s bound to be gore.

Your inquisitions have merged into secretive prisons

In Cuba, Abu Graib, and the like,

There are no public hangings, see how much better we are

Than you “olden days” folk. See how bravely we fight .

We even have cures for your deadly diseases,

X boxes, Game Boys, for childrens’ delight.

Our remote controls find the car, play CDs,

(Small, flat discs with music inside).

We’ve computers now, to reach across space.

Air conditioners bring comfort each day,

Warm homes in winter, cars to drive through the snow,

We’ve cell phones fo call friends far away.

We’ve been to the moon, explored Mars high above,

Yet are we much different from you?

Flesh, bone, blood we are now, yet our time fleets away

As did yours, age gives way to the new.

Come, speak to us now, in voices we’ll hear

Above all our magical whistles and bells.

Is our world so much better, our comforts, our wars -

Have we learned any lessons that history tells?

Age upon age, there’s a longing for peace,

Next to anger, injustice and greed.

What will our babies know when they’re old?

Pray they’ll learn all the lessons they’ll need.

Virginia Atkinson

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License