Dear Creator,you formed our beginning.
Psalm 139 says it all.
You’ll hold us again at our leaving,
Staying close to us all our lives through.

You have knowledge of all of our being.
Each anxious thought now you hear.
Why would we flee from your presence?
You know all our doubts, all our fears.

Somehow, like that “Runaway Bunny”
Whose mother would follow to sea,
Our Lord, Hound of Heaven, still claims us
From the Spirit we never can flee.

Carved on God’s hands, we surrender.
Philippian’s 4: 4-9
Guides our thoughts to whatever is noble,
God of Peace, what we are, is but thine.

We’ll lean not on our own understanding,
Pure hearts within us create,
Let the Lord be our shepherd forever,
In green pastures we’ll lie down and wait.

“Be not afraid,” God reminds us,
When in darkness, our days go all wrong.
Though our footprints on sand leave no inprint,
Dear Lord, let us all leave a song.

A song for the oceans and mountains,
Holy places and friends that we meet,
For “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, Lord, to us all,
Songs of praises we lay at your feet.

For “All we have needed”, your hand does provide us,
Not what we want, or deserve, so we think.
Through raging waters, we swim and we falter,
But, Dear Lord, you will not let us sink.