“If you don’t fight against evil, you become part of it.”

If you don’t tell the President, you become part of it.

If you don’t tell the Congress, you become part of it.

If you don’t tell the people, you become part of it.

The International Red Cross knew and then warned us.

“The Geneva Convention does not bind us, “ you said.

What will protect our own from the very same fate,

How many more now will be tortured or dead?

His name’s Joseph Darby, a brave whistle blower,

A young man with a conscience, a lone man who dared

To tell of the horrors he’d seen and he knew of,

A man not yet lauded by leaders who care.

“We must break them down to prepare them for questioning.”

These are not Nazis speaking, I realize with shock,

Abu Ghraeb torture rooms under Saddam Hussein,

Our Abu Ghraeb torture rooms, truth under lock.

A woman smiles as her picture is taken by friends

Torturing men in captivity held.

My hat’s off to you, brave Joseph Darby,

Not in my name did this happen, Rumsfeld.

Lack of training, immaturity was the cause of this crime,

Intelligence agents pressured them to do this great wrong.

They were “ordinary people”, some working in factories.

Brainwashed by others to follow along.

Sounds a lot like Germany’s World War II prison guards,

So trained by others, no conscience allowed.

Are we raising our young not to know right from wrong,

Or to say “No, I won’t “, to stand tall and be proud?

A president not ready to act or speak swiftly,

Patriotism takes on a new and frightening face,

“Our country right or wrong,” is no longer an answer,

We need to lower our flags in sorrow, disgrace.

“I’m not going to address the torture word”,

Sounds like Clinton’s definition of “is”.

If you won’t use that word, please tell me who will,

Playing word games means something’s amiss.

One of our own’s been beheaded this week

“In revenge” for the torture of many of theirs.

Mothers and fathers, American, Iraqi,

Grieve and hope for a world where everyone cares.

“The buck stops here.,” said Harry Truman.

You ramble, ignoring what we need to know.

Hey, Rumsfeld, it happened under your watch and care.

Real patriots cry, “Hell, yes, you must go!!!!


Virginia Atkinson


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License