I’m writing this to repeat what I’ve said,

You’ve been like a father to me.

Kind and protective, family always came first,

Showing me what a father could be.

I’ve been so lucky to have you in my life,

Including me as a 4th child.

I’m so lucky you chose my aunt as your wife,

She loaned you to me all the while.

I know reading this, you’ll turn away,

Denying, embarrassed and gruff,

But I know that inside you’re like butterscotch pudding

Soft inside as marshmallow fluff.

You took me with you to choose a fine wedding cake

At the top was a small bride and groom.

How disappointed I felt when the top wasn’t there,

But I ate cake till there was no more room.

Generously giving right from the start,

A tablecloth map of Hawaii,

I’d trace my fingers over volcanoes great heights,

And dream of a life far away.


When I broke my hand and my father said, “Wait”,

There’s nothing wrong with that child!”

You stepped in, insisting an X-ray be made,

My left hand I used a long while.

Because it was left for so many days,

My hand never properly set,

And it forecasts the weather, as big storms come our way,

Thanks to you, that’s the worst it would get.

Super shopper for bargains, with an eye for the best,

Going to Filene’s old basement for treasures,

Bringing gifts from abroad, how I loved what you brought,

My pink Daulton lady’s one pleasure.

Lanark Rd. became my second home.

I’d walk there when things got rough,

Knowing a welcome awaited me there,

A haven for when life was tough.

You lent us your car for our honeymoon,

A sacrifice not many would make.

Mama, Mamie and Auntie had a home, thanks to you.

Extended family ties never would break.


When Mamie was too ill to live on her own,

Your dining room became her new home.

Then she’d wander away, she just couldn’t stay,

Where at night she’d continue to roam.

I know how she loved and appreciated you.

She told me so over and over.

As always, you were a rock to us all,

As you carried each one on your shoulder.

Your marraige to Betty made us all very happy,

A prize and a half, she’s a gift.

You’ve done so much together, enjoying the world

Your travelogues gave us a lift.

You’ve been so many places in your long and rich life,

Enjoying Banff to the Holy Land.....

Riding horses at a ranch, an image to savor,

Snow on mountains to dry desert sand.

It’s been so good to see you at Christmas each year,

Scolded for the size of the tree,

Now artificial, a tradition is broken,

But in my heart, I know you forgive me.


No flesh and no blood are dearer than you,

Remember how loved you are,

And how you deserve being treasured so much,

I love you, John, to me you’re a star.